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What do the top social media accounts have in common? Authenticity!

One of the best things you can do for your social media marketing as a business, brand, influencer or organization is to be authentic in your posts regardless of the topic.

Let's face it, we all strive to be perfect but I quickly realized that everyone loves "perfection," but being authentic builds trust. The quickest way to get people to zone out is to show them precisely what they see on everyone else's accounts. When I started going live on Facebook, I didn't have the money for fancy equipment or a studio, so I just started recording. It was nerve-racking and scary. And yes, I have had some of the weirdest things happen to me, live… And they've always been the best for engagement and funny memories to share.


If all you ever see is perfectly taken photos, poreless women, and perfectly crafted posts – chances are you won't relate to them as much as the brands that have real imperfections.

BEING AUTHENTIC SHOWS THAT THERE'S A REAL PERSON BEHIND THE BRAND. Ever follow a brand or a company but never actually see a real person in their photos, videos, etc.? Do you relate to them as much as other brands with a real person in the pictures? Chances are – you're more drawn to the brand with the person. We relate to other people better than an organization or company.

BEING AUTHENTIC HELPS YOU BECOME MORE APPROACHABLE. If I'm following a brand or a business on social media, I'm less likely to engage with them if they're not authentic. Mostly because I don't expect an authentic response back. Most of the time, authenticity and simplicity wins!

BEING AUTHENTIC HELPS CREATE A SAFE PLACE. If your brand focuses on a topic or centers around a conversation that might open the floor up to "tough" conversations, then being authentic and help show your followers that it's okay to share. But furthermore, it sets the stage to show other followers that you expect your social media to be that space.

BEING AUTHENTIC HELPS YOU STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF. It's easy to get caught up in this mindset that you have to be "perfect." If you're not careful, over time, you lose touch of YOU and become a persona.

BEING AUTHENTIC BUILDS TRUST. If a brand or business is willing to share their imperfections or be authentic and genuine, you're more likely to trust them over a company that is completely polished.

BEING AUTHENTIC BUILDS COMMUNITY. Some of the strongest brands I follow have built a community around their authenticity. Those communities are strong. They stand up for each other. You feel like you are part of a family – not an online group.

Just remember, users, are quick to notice when someone isn't being real. When faced with an endless scroll of pretty, polished, manicured personas, offering an authentic picture of who you really are as a person (or as a brand) can be a breath of fresh air. Brands and influencers alike shouldn't be afraid to put themselves out there; I've found that the messy behind-the-scenes posts usually generate the most engagement. If you're hesitant to post anything less than perfect to your grid, that's what Stories are for! You can be silly, speak directly to your followers, play with fun features like gifs, polls or questions and still maintain the picture-perfect main profile we all strive for.

Hope this helps!

Ines Arnel - Partner

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